Starting Over

Discovering myself, my family and friends in a foreign land, second time around

What a writer needs


textures-mixed-inks-flowing-water-abstract-free-stock-photoIn a compilation of thoughts by writers on the topic of “Why we write” Walter Mosley said the reason writers write is for “ the mysterious heart – Readers no longer need novelists to tell us what its like to cross the world on a ship or fight a war. In the twenty-first century, we get that information in other ways. The thing that’s still a mystery to us is the human heart. What we want is to understand people, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it.”

But writing has few moments that seem like rewards and many more that cause anxiety if not heartbreak. On days like these, I choose to dwell on Elizabeth Gilbert’s words that “The more important virtue for a writer, I believe, is self-forgiveness.”

In a spirit of self-forgiveness, here are my thoughts for today

“What a writer needs”

A present for context and a past for perspective

A family for support and for material

Books to read and something to write on

Time to think and space to create

Friends to encourage and critics to challenge

An interesting life and an enquiring mind

An ear for stories and a strong voice

A love for language and a reason to write


3 thoughts on “What a writer needs

  1. I always say writers write. That’s it. If you’re a writer, you write and sometimes even you’re not sure why. Just that you have something being asked to be expressed through you . . .

  2. I love that quote about how we no longer need writers to tell us about going across the world, but we need writers to explore the human heart. I am just starting out as a blogger myself and I LOVE writing and I don’t really know why… I guess I just feel like in writing I can somehow put into expression what is inside and it helps me create some kind of connection – inside to outside. Thank you for your beautiful post!

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