Starting Over

Discovering myself, my family and friends in a foreign land, second time around

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New mother

It’s Women’s Day today. Messages flying across emails and phones. DQ had a busy day planned, doing what she loved most – be with her friends. Princess and I signed up for a parent-child poetry workshop at the Arts House.

Here is my effort at poetry. Trying to capture my feelings at this point.

Was there such a time

I doubted I would feel

Such a love sublime


I became a mother

To the one I delivered

Now, I have another


Child in my home

To kiss, to hold

To call my own


Others may watch, wondering

How it would turn out,

This experiment in mothering


A mosaic of a family

Each brings a piece

That fits unevenly


Dry seeds to be sown

To flower, to bloom

Together; no longer alone