Starting Over

Discovering myself, my family and friends in a foreign land, second time around

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In the beginning

Like all stories, mine starts at the beginning. Unlike others, it begins after an end. The end of one chapter of my life and the start of another.

I am a recently married woman, embarking on a life in an unfamiliar country (Singapore) with a brand new family that includes my supportive husband and two daughters, one each from our previous marriages. With one teenage drama queen and a pre-teen princess, life is never boring. Except on days when I find myself alone at home, wondering about what happened to the career-driven, ever-busy, stressed, single parent that I was, not so long ago.

As the wise men say, be careful what you wish for… it may just come true.

My wish to share my life with a loving partner, to raise children in a safe environment where all of us can strive to reach our full potential has indeed come true. And along with it have arrived changes, some anticipated and others not quite.

This blog is my journey as I navigate this new life, discovering its joys and challenges that help me discover myself. Stay along for the ride. You never know when you may need to consider a  road less travelled.